Vaikobi VCold FLEX Thermal Pants - Navy

Year: 2022 Model: VK-101Vaikobi
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Model VK-101-NV

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Designed to increase performance in cool to cold conditions, the VCOLD FLEX range is Vaikobi's most popular product line due to its amazing comfort and performance in cool to cold conditions.

The new VCOLD FLEX Pants features a new hybrid of super stretch, perforated neoprene and hydro fleece fabrications, strategically positioned for maximum comfort, breathability and thermal regulation.

In addition, they feature a plush inner fleece lining which maintains your body temperature at the optimum level for peak performance, without over heating.

Designed to be worn as a thermal layer

Key Features:

  • VCOLD FLEX technology for maximum comfort and thermal regulation
  • Hydrofleece back leg panels for maximum comfort and breathability
  • Seamless seat pad
  • Anti-chafe reverse seam waistband
  • Super light, plush inner fleece lining
  • Optimised Fit (High back, low front waist)