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Hiking Equipment

Whether you’re a weekend walker, navigating challenging summits or heading out on a multi-day adventure, having the right hiking equipment is essential for both safety and comfort. At Coast Outdoors, you’ll find a comprehensive range of high-quality, high spec hiking equipment including map and navigation tools, survival equipment and handy accessories that will make every adventure easier and smoother all around

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Hiking Essentials For Safety & Navigation

We know how important it is to have trusty navigation and orienteering tools when you're hiking. That's why here at Coast Outdoors, you'll find compasses and map measurers to help you pinpoint your current position, track the distance you’ve covered and measure future distances whilst you rest.

You’ll also find hiking survival equipment that will safeguard you against unpredictable elements and in crisis situations. We've got easy-to-pack foil blankets and emergency waterproof jackets for unexpected storms and heavy rain, as well as essential aids for if you need to keep warm whilst waiting for search and rescue.

A Range of Helpful Hiking Accessories

If you're looking for hiking accessories that will make your trip even more pleasurable, we've thought of that too. You'll find a great range of walking sticks and walking poles that increase comfort, improve speed & power and support you with balance when you’re walking on uneven terrain.

Whether you’re day hiking, summit hiking or long-distance hiking, our collection of hiking equipment is designed to make every trek successful, safe and enjoyable.

Shop our range today and get free delivery on orders over £50 to mainland UK, as well as convenient 30 day returns.