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Swimming Wetsuits

Open water swimming has many benefits. From improved circulation to better metabolism and a sense of freedom to increased happiness, wild swimming is a healthy choice. At Coast Outdoors, we know that even the toughest of swimmers need to stay warm and protected whilst in the water and that’s why you'll love our collection of innovative wetsuits designed specifically for open water swimming and those competing in triathlons.

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    Wetsuits For Open Water Swimming

    Our swimming wetsuits all safeguard the body against cuts and scratches if you’re clambering over rocks, feature built-in buoyancy and offer excellent thermal protection. You’ll find entry-level wetsuits suitable for beginners and high specification wetsuits designed for those undertaking more gritty adventures. Discover tough yet flexible materials that keep you insulated without restricting movement and second-skin silhouettes that offer fantastic protection in the coldest of waters.

    Triathlon Wetsuits

    When you’re competing in a triathlon you need equipment that will help you to perform at your best, and our range includes wetsuits designed for the specific needs of triathlon athletes. Made from highly flexible materials for complete freedom of movement, and with super low drag coefficients to help you cut through the water, these wetsuits also offer enhanced comfort and heat retention to reduce fatigue and help you perform at a high level for extended periods. Different from traditional surfing wetsuits, swimming wetsuits are designed to give you more control and buoyancy in the water. They have impressive temperature retention, reduce cold shock response and shield your body from any debris and rocks found in lakes, rivers and oceans. Our selection of wetsuits is suitable for open water swimming and ideal for everything from recreational use to serious training and competition as well. Putting flexibility, fit, warmth and buoyancy at the forefront as you slice through the water, our range has been chosen with comfort, security and safety in mind, and is available with free UK mainland delivery.