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  • Jobe SUP Pressure Gauge
    Price:  £9.99

    Jobe SUP Pressure Gauge

    The Pressure meter will always tell how much PSI your SUP is, no one likes a soft SUP! FOR USE ON INFLATABLE STAND UP PADDLE BOARDS ONLY - NOT BOATS, RIBS OR OTHER LOW PRESSURE INFLATABLES  Fits a Halkey Roberts valve  ...
  • OverBoard Dry Pouch - 1 Ltr - Black
    Price:  £5.99£5.50

    OverBoard Dry Pouch - 1 Ltr - Black

    Constructed from lightweight TPU-coated ripstop nylon fabrics and featuring our trusty Fold Seal System, this weatherproof dry pouch is super durable too. And for the ultimate in convenient access, this small weatherproof bag easily buckles...
  • Jobe SUP Paddle Float
    Price:  £4.99

    Jobe SUP Paddle Float

    Our biggest fear is a lost paddle in deeper waters. Play it safe with this 5mm thick floating foam sleeve to wrap around your paddle.  SPECIFICATIONS Length: 34.5 cm, 13.6 inch  5mm thick floating foam ...
  • Northcore Surfboard / SUP Carry Sling
    Price:  £9.99£7.49

    Northcore Surfboard / SUP Carry Sling

    The Northcore™ Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) and surfboard carry sling is designed as a strong, lightweight system to assist when carrying SUP or larger surfboards long distances.   Just slide the board through the webbing loop...
  • Gill Race Cap 2022 - Graphite
    Price:  £21.00£18.99

    Gill Race Cap 2022 - Graphite

    Description: When the weather's against you and the elements make everything unpredictable, one mistake can cost the race. But, in the right kit, anything is possible. Put the competition in the shade with the Gill Race Cap featur...
  • Keypod 5Gs Key Safe
    Price:  £34.99£29.99

    Keypod 5Gs Key Safe

    KEYPOD is the original sports key safe – meet the next generation KEYPOD 5Gs.   Maintaining the fundamental concept of secure key storage, the brand new 5th Generation KEYPOD is now available in the “S” model. L...
Displaying 1 to 6 (of 724 top sellers)