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Hiking & Walking Accessories

Any hiking or walking enthusiast will know the importance of having the right gear to hand, keeping you protected from the elements as well as safe and comfortable throughout your journey. With the hiking and walking accessories available at Coast Outdoors, we've got you covered.

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    Accessories To Keep You Safe While Hiking

    You can never predict what's going to happen with the weather when you're out walking, but when a sudden downpour threatens, it's good to know you’ve got the right gear to hand. Accessories like an emergency waterproof jacket are lightweight, protective and can be stored away in a handy pouch for easy transportation, and ideal as a backup or if you’ve left your primary outdoor jacket behind.

    If you need extra assistance while out on a hike, accessories such as folding walking sticks are great to take with you. Convenient to fold up and pack away when not in use, and adjustable for different heights, folding walking sticks are suitable for a range of hikers.

    As well as convenient accessories, at Coast Outdoors you can also find navigational equipment as well as essential survival equipment. Because whether you’re heading off on a leisurely hike close to home, or trekking somewhere more remote, it always pays to be prepared.

    Quality standards matter to us at Coast Outdoors, so when you're looking for hiking and walking accessories, it's reassuring to know that we stick to top name brands that you can rely on, such as Summit, for durability, comfort and affordability. Whether you're new to hiking or a seasoned pro, our easy-use walking and hiking products make life easy for everyone.