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SUP Life Jackets & Buoyancy Aids

You'll know that watersports bring wonder and excitement that make for unforgettable memories, but conditions can sometimes turn unpredictable. That's why having a safe and reliable kit is crucial. We stock a wide range of quality life jackets and buoyancy aids designed with SUP paddleboarders in mind.

The range of lightweight waist-belts we stock don't weigh you down or constrict your fun while paddling, and provide a reassuring safety net should an accident happen or you get unexpectedly separated from your SUP paddleboard. SUP paddleboarding specific products come as a waist-belt and can be activated with a quick pull of a cord or manually inflated. Our stocked products feature various useful additions such as a fluorescent product, optional Lume-On™ Bladder Illumination Light and whistles.

A life jacket will keep you afloat even if you are unconscious while a buoyancy aid will give you some extra support to stay afloat while you are conscious. The life jackets we stock activate with a pull cord and can then be placed over your head.

Buoyancy aids are designed for use in sheltered water when help isn't too far away. To use a buoyancy aid, simply release the tube from the waist belt, inflate and then place around your chest under your arms.

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