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SUP Wetsuits & Clothing

As a passionate SUP paddleboarder why give up on your favourite activity because of the weather? Wearing a SUP wetsuit while out on the water can make the difference between carrying on paddling to see what's around the next bend, or heading back because you've reached the cold damp wet threshold.

We have a comprehensive range of SUP wetsuits for men, women, and children of all sizes and a product for every circumstance.

From classic long john wetsuits to trousers, to shorts, to long and short-sleeved tops, to the fashionable women's diva super shorty we have a SUP wetsuit for any occasion.

A well-chosen wetsuit can help you stay out on the water doing what you love for longer, and the high-quality neoprene materials mean your wetsuit will last longer. We stock a range of wetsuits suitable for both summer and colder months with a range of products at 1.5, 2, 3 and 4 mm thicknesses.

Our fashionable SUP wetsuits come in classic colours such as black and grey, or if you want something brighter to cheer yourself up, or so your paddleboard companions can spot you from a distance then we have wetsuits with splashes of colour or bright blues.

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