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Running Clothing & Gear

At Coast Outdoors, we want to help you get into shape with our range of running gear. With comfort, quality and breathability our top priorities, we've curated a range of running accessories to give you everything you need for a safe, healthy, successful run and to optimise your athletic performance.

From shorts and t-shirts for running in warm weather to leggings and lightweight jackets for running in the colder months, we've got breathable, weatherproof attire for all conditions. Leggings are great for avoiding rubbing and discomfort, while shorts can feel more lightweight and less restrictive. Running jackets can be useful for storing essential items like your phone or keys, while a t-shirt is again less restrictive and cooler in the summer months.

We stock a wide range of running shoes in a variety of styles and sizes for both men and women - whether you're running on a track or a less consistent terrain, we've got all you need to ensure a comfortable run and to minimise the chances of injury. We also stock a range of accessories to elevate your run, such as armbands, sweatbands, towels, water bottles, backpacks and cushioned running socks.

Shop our full range of running equipment online today.

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