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Vaikobi VOcean Spandex Shorts - Dark/Grey

Year: 2023 Model: VK-118Vaikobi
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Model VK-118-GY

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Power up with Vaikobi's latest version of our super lightweight UV  Paddle Shorts!

This unisex designed UV short has been specifically designed for all performance Paddling & Kayaking disciplines and is jammed packed with features to increase comfort and performance on the water.

This new UV Short is constructed from a super soft nylon spandex fabrication that feels smooth around the waistband to minimise rubbing in this key area.

In addition, this short features a waist tie to make the short more versatile during surf activities.

Additional Features

  • Quick Drying with super soft handle Nylon Spandex
  • Seamless Air Pad Seat panel for maximum comfort without restricting rotation
  • Waist tie for surf activities
  • Paddle Fit design for extreme comfort whilst racing and training (designed to fit properly when paddling unlike most compression shorts)
  • SPF 50+
  • Designed and tested by some of the World's best paddlers across Surfski, Outrigger and Sprint Kayaking