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Scanstrut Atmos Built in 12v SUP Pump for Boats & Campervans

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Revolutionize your boating experience. 

Scanstruts in-built air station is here to maximize quality time on the water. This beautifully designed, in-built air station is here to maximize quality time on the water.

At the push of a button, ATMOS is ready to inflate your paddleboards, towables and more: simply set the target pressure and let ATMOS do all the hard work.

Featuring next-gen air pump technology to provide fast, effortless inflation (and deflation) for your on-water toys. Compact and shallow, ATMOS fits into almost any panel on board such as seating, consoles, or near the swim platform. Now you have ready-to-go air, right where it’s needed, for even more family fun on the water.

Typical Inflation Times


  • Inflate: 1.5 PSI > 3 mins ≈.

  • Deflate: 1.5 PSI > 1 min ≈

10ft SUP

  • Inflate: 20PSI in 6-8 mins.

  • Deflate: 20PSI > 1 min ≈

4M Platform

  • Inflate: 5 PSI > 16 mins ≈

  • Deflate: 5 PSI > 1 min ≈

Design and Integration

The front: Take control with our Soft Touch TPE buttons and cutting-edge LCD display. Specially crafted for the challenging marine environment, the buttons feature a non-slip texture that provides a tactile surface, even with wet hands and the bright, wide viewing angle display means you can have a great view from any place on the boat, even on the brightest days. The display also features a helpful Live Voltage readout, so you can easily keep track of your boat's battery health.

The back: Easily integrate ATMOS into your boat with its compact and shallow design. The versatile airstation can be installed in a variety of locations, including seating, consoles, or by the swim platform, making it convenient and accessible wherever it's needed. Easily installed into any panel using 10 self-tapping screws, with a foam gasket included to ensure a secure and waterproof fit. 

The side: The minimum cavity depth required is 110mm/4.33", and it can be installed at an angle ranging from +10º to -30º from vertical. The power cable length is 500mm (20”) with a wire gauge of 2.0mm2 (14 AWG), please note that there are no end-user serviceable parts.

What's in the box?

  • Sun cover. Supplied with a heavy duty sun cover, it can help to protect it from the long term damaging effects of the sun, salt and other elements. with our sun cover you'll be able to keep ATMOS looking its best for longer.

    2.5M (8ft) hose. When inflating a paddleboard on a boat, the most stable location for the pump is usually on the deck or another flat surface. However, this location may not be close enough to the paddleboard to allow for easy inflation if the hose is too short. A longer hose can help to bridge this distance, allowing you to move the pump away.

    6x Hose attachments. Supplied with 6 different adapters including; Boston Valve, C7 Valve, H3/HR Valve, Pinch Valves, and 805 Valve. You have everything you need to inflate and deflate your toys with ease, no matter what type of valve it has.

Waterproof rating: IPX6 waterproof front and back

Input voltage: 12V Battery system (10-14V)

Max Pressure output: 20 PSI / 1.37 BAR

Max current draw: 12A (140W)

Standby current draw: 0.02W Max

Two-stage pump: Stage 1 = 0 -1 PSI | Stage 2 = 1.1 - 20 PSI